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How much does it cost to register?

Registration for the Silver Lining Ride 2021 is $75, which includes a pair of Silver Lining Ride cycling socks valued at $25 and 3-month access to Wahoo's fitness training app, valued at more than $60.

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Who can register?

Anyone can register!  We’re encouraging cyclists of all abilities to take on the Silver Lining Ride 2021.  You just need access to a bike and a Strava account, and because you can ride indoor, outdoor, at anytime and anywhere and either as individually or in a team, there’s no reason not to register and join us! 

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What’s included in my registration?

Your registration for the Silver Lining Ride 2021 will enable you to set up a fundraising page linked to your Strava account so you can track both your progress in meeting the 1,068km riding challenge and whatever fundraising goal you set for yourself.  It also includes a pair of Silver Lining Ride cycling socks valued at $25 which we’ll post out to you to wear with pride! Plus Wahoo are providing all our participants with free three-month access to their fitness training app, valued at more than $60 which we’ll email you a unique code to activate.

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How do I fundraise?

When you register, you’ll be able to set up a fundraising page following the prompts.  You can set a fundraising target for yourself, or your team.   Then, share this far and wide with friends, family and colleagues and they’ll be able to make donations towards your target. Don’t forget that if you individually raise $500 we’ll reward you with a Silver Lining Ride jersey, and if you make it to $1,068 we’ll also throw in a pair of cycling knicks to match!  Who doesn’t love new kit?!

Do I have to fundraise?

Fundraising as part of the Silver Lining Ride 2021 isn’t compulsory, so in short, no, you don’t have to fundraise. But, we’d love you to, if you can!  And if you do, you’ll be helping us to change the horrible statistic that is 1,068 women will lose their life to Ovarian Cancer this year.  All funds raised will go towards research to help us find an early detection test for the disease which we know will significantly increase survival rates.

What incentives are there for fundraising?

Glad you asked this one, because we’ve got some awesome incentives to inspire your fundraising.  Of course, when you register you’ll get your Silver Lining Ride socks and access to the Wahoo training app.  Then, when you hit $100, $200 and $750 you will receive a discount code for a free coffee compliments of Skip - this will come via email once you hit the targets. When you raise $500 you get a Silver Lining Ride jersey and making it to $1,068 in funds raised means you’ll also get a pair of cycling knicks, completing the kit.  Please note that fundraising rewards related to individual fundraising efforts only.  As if that's not enough, anyone who makes it past $5,000 in fundraising will go into the draw to win a Wahoo KOM Prize Bundle, which includes a Wahoo Kickr, Climb and a Training Mat, valued at more than $2,400.

How do I link my Strava to my fundraising page?

You can link your Strava account to your fundraising page either during your initial registration for this event, or later via your Fundraiser Dashboard.

What if I can’t/don’t want to fundraise?

Fundraising as part of the Silver Lining Ride 2021 isn’t compulsory, so it’s absolutely fine if you want to just ride your bike and don’t want to, or can’t fundraise this year.  For those who choose not to fundraise, you can still play a really important role in supporting the work of the OCRF by raising awareness about Ovarian Cancer through sharing your participation in the ride with family and friends.  To help you with that, we have some really cool social tiles available for you to download and share here!

Do I have to ride outdoors?

The best thing about the Silver Lining Ride 2021 is that you can ride anywhere, anytime in the four-week window of the event.  That can be outdoors if that’s your preference, or indoors if you have a trainer or an exercise bike!  Or, you might even like to make it a combination of indoor and outdoor to get you to that 1,068km target!  Just make sure however you ride, you’re recording it on Strava so that it syncs to your fundraising page and you can track your progress!

Are indoor rides allowed?

Indoor rides are absolutely allowed as part of the Silver Lining Ride 2021.  You might like to do the whole 1,068km inside on your trainer or exercise bike, or mix it up and ride outside as well.  The beauty of this ride is that it’s totally up to you to determine where and how you reach the 1,068km goal.  Just make sure that whenever you’re riding that you’re recording it on Strava, then you know it’ll sync to your fundraising page and track your progress.

What if I don’t have Strava?

You’ll need Strava to participate in the Silver Lining Ride 2021, so if you don’t already have it, grab yourself an account. You can download the Strava app via the App Store or Google Play, or visit www.strava.com.  A free account will enable you to record your rides and sync them for the purpose of tracking your progress.

What fitness tracking/GPS devices work with Strava?

You can link the following fitness tracking/GPS/indoor training device with Strava: Garmin, Zwift, Wahoo, Polar, Apple Watch, Suunto, Amazfit, Fitbit, Samsung, Peloton, Bryton, Pioneer, TrainerRoad, Sigma and Lezyne.

You can also record your rides via the app on your smart phone, via its GPS functionality.

And, if you don’t have a fitness tracking/GPS/indoor training device, nor a smart phone, you can always log your rides manually via the Strava desktop site.

What if I don’t have a fitness tracking/GPS/indoor training device that’s compatible with Strava?

Don’t worry if you don’t have you don’t have a fitness tracking/GPS/indoor training device, nor a smart phone! The Strava desktop site allows activities to be manually entered.  You’ll just have to know how far you rode and populate it via the ‘Manual Entry’ option.

What happens if my Strava doesn’t sync?

If you’re recording a ride on a device which is linked to Strava (such as a Garmin, Fitbit, Wahoo, Apple Watch) and it hasn’t synced into Strava and therefore into your fundraising page, you can manually do so via the Strava desktop version at www.strava.com/upload/device.

If your ride is in Strava, but hasn’t synced to your fundraising page, let us know at community@ocrf.com.au and we'll help you out.

I’ve just registered for Silver Lining Ride and done a ride which was recorded on Strava, why haven’t any kilometres shown up against my 1,068km goal yet?

Your tally of kilometres will only kick in once the Silver Lining Ride event period commences on November 1! Anything you’re doing before that won’t count in your tally – but is great training and preparation. You’ll notice that the first ride you do on or after November 1 will appear, and all the ones you do after that, up until we finish on November 28.

Do I have to have a fitness tracking/GPS/indoor training device in order to participate?

Don’t worry if you don’t have you don’t have a fitness tracking/GPS/indoor training device, nor a smart phone!  The Strava desktop site allows activities to be manually entered.  You’ll just have to know how far you rode and populate it via the ‘Manual Entry’ option.

I like to run as well as ride, and I record my runs on Strava too. Will these count towards my 1,068km goal?

It’ll just be your rides that count for the Silver Lining Ride. Our integration with Strava is set so that all your rides and virtual rides completed during the event period will count, but not other activities, like running, that you record on Strava.

Does my indoor trainer have to be a smart trainer?

If you’re doing all or some of the ride on your indoor trainer, it needn’t be a smart trainer.  But, if its not, make sure you’ve got some means of tracking how many kilometres you pedal so you can track them in Strava and ensure they count towards 1,068km goal.  

What if I have technical errors and my device didn’t record properly?

Strava allows you to record activity manually. Please ensure your activity is categorised as a Ride or Virtual Ride in order for your data to sync with your fundraising page. 

Why 1,068 km as a target?

We’ve set the target of 1,068km for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it represents the number of women in Australia who will lose their lives to Ovarian Cancer this year.  That means for every kilometre you ride individually or as a team, it will represent a lost mum, daughter, grandma, aunty, wife, colleague or friend.  We think that’s a pretty compelling reason to pedal all that way!

Serendipitously, it also happens to be the exact distance that the first Silver Lining Riders travelled between the Adelaide Oval and the MCG in 2017.  Head over to the History of the Silver Lining Ride page for more info about that ride and the others we’ve done since.

We also think that 1,068km is a great distance challenge for an accomplished cyclist to achieve as an individual, for a group of mates to set as a team goal, or for a family to achieve with a daily ride to the park or round the block!

How many people can I have in my team?

You can have as many people in your Silver Lining Ride 2021 team as you’d like!  There are no limits. Just make sure that each member of your team has their own Strava account and records each of their rides to ensure they count towards your team reaching the 1,068km goal!  And, please note that fundraising rewards will be issued to individuals and not teams.  Of course, individuals within teams who reach $500 and $1,068 can earn the jersey and knicks.

Do members of my team have to be over 18?

No, members of your team don’t have to be over 18, but you’ll need to ensure that each member of your team has a Strava account and they record each of their rides.  This will ensure that they count towards achieving the team goal of 1,068km.

Does everyone in my team have to ride the 1,068km?

No, not everyone in your team has to ride the 1,068km.  We’re encouraging teams to use that as their total group goal.  Of course if you want to set up a team, and then all ride that far, then that’s okay too!

What if I don’t make it to the 1,068km in the timeframe?

Got busy? Got injured? (well, we hope not – but these things happen!) No worries at all, the 1,068km was set up to give you (and your team) something to shoot for that has a special meaning to everyone at the Silver Lining Ride and OCRF because of its link to the number of lives lost to the disease in Australia this year, and the distance travelled on the inaugural Silver Lining Ride.  Not making it has no consequence to your registration or your ability to fundraise and earn your rewards!

Do I have to do the entire distance in one ride?

We would be suitably impressed if you did the entire distance in one ride!  It’s a very long way!  In short, absolutely not, you’re not expected to ride all that way in just one go.  Chip away at the target by riding anywhere, anytime that suits and either indoor, outdoor or a combo of both.  You’ve got between November 1 through 28, 2021 to reach the goal.

I raised $500/$1,068, when will I receive my rewards?

We’ll ship all the rewards at the conclusion of the ride period, so you’ve got loads of time to reach your fundraising goals and earn your jersey and knicks.

What happens if I ordered the wrong size kit?

Unfortunately, all kit is being made to order, based on the sizes you provided us when you register.  We’re not able to swap sizing for you if you make an error in selecting your size – so please make sure you base your sizing from the sizing chart provided - you'll find the sizes you need within the Premium Jersey & Bib Knicks Premium charts linked here.  Note they differ for men & women.

How do I know what size kit to order?

Check out the sizing chart here to make sure you order the right size kit!  We’re not able to swap it if select the wrong size on registering, so we encourage you to be super thorough in checking your measurements against the garment sizes.  You'll find the sizes you need within the Premium Jersey & Bib Knicks Premium charts linked here.  Note they differ for men & women.

Where does my money go?

Your registration money goes towards covering the administrative costs of the OCRF setting up and hosting the Ride.

Your fundraising money goes towards funding the next round of OCRF research grants for the most promising ovarian cancer research projects. These are projects that aim to save women’s lives either by improving treatment methods for women currently living with ovarian cancer or by developing an early detection test that will accurately diagnose the disease in its early stages.

Are donations tax deductible?

Donations made to your fundraising page are tax deductible, and your supporters will receive an automated receipt via email which they can use at tax time.

I love the socks/jersey/knicks I was rewarded with, can I buy more?

Yes, you’ll be able to buy the SLR merchandise.   Head over to the OCRF shop for details and to order.

What happens if I exceed the target distance?

You’ll be a serious Silver Lining Rider if you get beyond the 1,068km in the allocated timeframe.  That’s some really impressive distance in a month!

When do registrations close?

Registrations will remain open through to late November, but we encourage you to sign up before 1 November so that you allow yourself as much time as possible to ride and fundraise!

I've fundraised my first $100, how do I access my free Skip coffee?

Thanks to the legends at Skip, you'll be rewarded with free coffees as your fundraising tally ticks along. When you reach the free coffee fundraising milestones of $100, $250 and $750 an email will be sent to you with a unique code. If you've already got the Skip app, jump in, order your coffee from your fav local and pop your code in at checkout. If you don't have the Skip app, you'll first need to download it and set up an account. 

I'd prefer to do the physical ride, not the virtual, how do I sign up for that?

The physical Silver Lining Ride 2021 will be undertaken by a small group of riders who have already been selected by the OCRF to participate. We keep the numbers for this Ride capped to ensure we remain safe on the road, and manageable off the road! Therefore involvement is by invite only. If you would like to be considered for future Silver Lining Rides, please reach out to Georgie Herbert via georgie.herbert@ocrf.com.au and let us know a bit about yourself and why you think the physical ride is for you!