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I'm participating in the Silver Lining Ride 2020 to help raise funds for ovarian cancer research. Every day, 4 women in Australia are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and five year survivability has barely shifted in 30 years.
Please donate generously to support research into early detection, and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer.

My Updates

25 Nov 2020

Day 12, Silver Lining Ride and I’m at 500.15km! Hoping to hit the halfway mark tomorrow!

20 Nov 2020

Woo, I’ve made it over 300km in week 1!!!

15 Nov 2020

First two days of SLR and I’ve completed 116km in three rides, one on the road with Emma, Georgie and Tim (massive thanks for your encouragement team!) and two on the spin bike, zooming with Emma (thanks for dragging me through them Em!)

24 Oct 2020

With some encouragement from Emma I made it to 51.2km to bring my 7 day total rides to 225.2km. Slowly edging towards my goal of 35.6km per day.

22 Oct 2020

26.2km this morning before work. Hoping to round it up tonight with another 10km or, if I’m feeling energetic, maybe 20km!

21 Oct 2020

35.6km last night! Feeling good that I can do the distance...

20 Oct 2020

I managed to average 35.6km over Friday to Sunday. Only 20km yesterday but going to increase it again tonight!

17 Oct 2020

First two days of training complete, 60kms done! Slowly building up to the 35.6km daily total required for this ride!

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